Custom SMTP

Emails generated from the platform are sent by by default. Customers on some plans can use a custom SMTP server for all outbound mail, allowing full control over the from address, and integration with email security and authentication standards such as DKIM and SPF. supports any type of custom mail server that supports the SMTP standard, which is nearly anything that supports sending mail.

SMTP Settings

Site administrators can access the settings through the web interface by typing "Custom SMTP" and selecting the matching result.

By default, your site will use the standard outbound SMTP, which uses the email service. If you instead enable the custom outbound SMTP, you must provide the information for connecting to your email service. All of the emails generated by will be sent using the settings you provide.

The Server address must be the fully qualified hostname of your SMTP server. If you wish to use a port other than the default of 25, enter that in the Server port.

The Authentication type refers to how you authenticate to your SMTP service. Valid options are none, plain, normal, or cram_md5. Your mail provider should tell you which option is appropriate for your service. If you select an option besides "none" for the authentication type, you must also provide the SMTP username and SMTP password that will be used for sending mail. Along with the required address that messages will be sent from, you can also provide a reply-to address.

If you prefer to update these settings programmatically rather than through the web interface, you can use the Sites API to show or change your site settings.

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