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Files.com allows site administrators to customize their site for their users, including hiding menu categories from certain sets of users.

It is possible to hide the following menu categories from folder administrators (users with admin privileges for at least one folder): Sharing, Automations, Integrations, Notifications, Client Apps and Developers. Similarly, site administrators can hide the Sharing, Integrations, Client Apps and Developers categories from users who have no admin privileges.

Setting the Menu Visibility

To access the settings, type "Left Menu" in the search box at the top of every page and click on the matching result. You can adjust the settings to control the visibility.

You cannot hide categories from site administrators. Site administrators can always see all menu categories.

Non-privileged users (who do not have any admin rights anywhere in the system) cannot be shown a menu option that is hidden from folder admins.

Hiding Menu Visibility Is Separate from User Permissions

This menu customization does not replace managing a user's privileges; if a user does not have sharing permissions (either assigned directly or through a group) for at least one folder, they will not be able to see the Sharing menu, even if it is enabled.

Hiding a category prevents a user from accessing any page in that category, but it does not block access through the Files.com API, any of our official SDKs or the Command Line Application (CLI).

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