Although there is no direct integration between the platform and Egnyte, Egnyte provides support for FTP and SFTP, allowing you to connect your to Egnyte using FTP or using SFTP.

Once you have connected Egnyte as a Remote Server then you can use various features and capabilities with Egnyte.

Our integrations are driven by customer demand so, if you'd like to see a direct Egnyte integration in, which will provide better throughput and scalability, then please contact us and let us know.


Egnyte is not a Managed File Transfer platform and its FTP, FTPS, and SFTP implementations do not support all features and capabilities of those protocols. Refer to the limitations listed on their web page.

Most problems are caused by the "7 simultaneous connections" limitation, which applies that limit to all connections made to Egnyte for that user account. When configuring the FTP or SFTP Remote Server connection to Egnyte, set the Max connections setting to "1", so that the platform doesn't flood Egnyte with too many parallel connections. If having Max connections set to "1" causes no issues then you can try incrementing this setting but we've found that even setting this to "2" can cause problems.

Use a Remote Sync, rather than an Automation, to move or copy data between Egnyte and for more resilient functionality.

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