Folder Size Limitations

The platform limits the number of items allowed in a folder. This prevents large folders from causing performance problems for your site. There is a soft limit of 10,000 files per folder, and a hard limit of 100,000 files per folder.

If you exceed the soft limit of 10,000 files per folder, the sync will perform slowly and may be deprioritized behind other syncs. If you exceed the hard limit of 100,000 files per folder, the sync will fail entirely.

One easy way to stay under the 10,000 item per folder limit is to divide up a folder's contents into subfolders. You can choose any division scheme that makes sense for your application, such as dividing by date, by customer, or even by filename prefix.

Our Automations feature can be used to move files into subfolders on an hourly or daily basis.

Another method that may help to manage a folder's file count is the File Expiration folder setting. This feature will automatically delete files when they reach a specified age, so that older files that are no longer needed are automatically removed.

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