Number of Syncs

There are no limits for the number of Syncs that you can configure on the platform.

However, the remote servers that you are connecting with are very likely to limit the number of connections made to them. Contact the system administrator of the remote servers to determine what their limits are.

Maintaining a one-to-one relationship between Syncs and remote servers will allow you to have as many Syncs as you require. For example, if you have 50 remote servers then you can have 50 Syncs, each to one of the remote servers, without any issues.

When there is a many-to-one relationship between Syncs and a remote server, then the number of Syncs will be limited by the limitations and performance of the remote server. For example, if you have 50 Syncs set up with the remote server, and it only supports 5 concurrent connections, then only 5 of the Syncs will work at a time.

Finding the exact number of Syncs for optimal performance is more of an art than a science, due to factors such as automatic retries, sync intervals, folder depth and breadth, quantity of files, size of files, network performance, and remote system performance. Calibrate your Sync settings, such as time intervals between syncs, until you find the optimal settings that work best with the remote server.

Limitations Associated With High Numbers of Syncs enforces 2 limits on customers who have lots of syncs configured on the same account. No more than 5 sync jobs can start per minute, and no more than 5 sync jobs can run at a time.

As an example, we have one customer with 1,800 sync jobs configured. Regardless of the sync interval they've specified, each sync job will run no more than once every 6 hours, because 1,500 (# of syncs) / 60 (minutes per hour) / 5 (max sync jobs per minute) = 6 hours.

Like all limits on, we are happy to provide increased limits when warranted. Please contact our Support Team so that we can discuss your use case.

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