Accessing Your Site via a Hardcoded or Static IP Address

We do not support or recommend that any of our customers ever hardcode IP addresses directly into their client application. We use DNS as part of our redundancy and disaster recovery strategy, and we expect that our customers will always use DNS to look up [subdomain] or as appropriate. We also use Geo-DNS to route traffic to the fastest and closest available server, as well as to take troubled servers out of the active pool.

Hard-coding IP addresses is a risky practice with little benefit. Using a hardcoded or stale IP may well direct you to a server that is down, currently undergoing maintenance, etc.

If you absolutely must use a hardcoded or static IP address, the best workaround is to provision a Custom Domain for your site. When you add a Custom Domain, we will provision a pair of dedicated IPs for your site. It is our goal to have your dedicated IPs remain the same, and we work hard to avoid having IP addresses change out from under you. In practice, dedicated IPs for our customers have remained the same for the past several years.

If we ever have to make changes to dedicated IP addresses that are associated with a custom domain, we will endeavor to provide advance notice. If you need real-time notification of changes, you may poll the the IP Addresses API endpoint to monitor when a change occurs. This endpoint returns a response including both our published list of IP addresses and your site's 2 dedicated IP addresses.

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