Group Administrators includes the Group Admin feature, providing administrators with the added flexibility of delegating user creation within a group to select non-administrators known as Group Admins.

Designating Group Admins

Site administrators can designate one or more group member as group admins for that group. To do this, check the Group admin checkbox for that group member when creating or editing the group.

Accessing Managed Groups

Group admins can access the groups they manage by clicking the Groups icon in the web interface. There, they will see a list of groups to which they can add users, along with the current user count for each group.

Creating Users in Groups

Group admins can click the name of a group they manage to view the members of the group. From there, they can use the Create user in this group button to create new users within the group.

The new user creation form allows the Group Admin to set the FTP/SFTP client root folder, access expiration date for the user, etc.

As a default security precaution, the group admins are not allowed to assign a password, SSO, or other authentication methods while creating users. Once the user is created by the group admin, the user will receive an email to sign up for their account.

You site administrator can allow or disallow the Group Admins to select the password authentication as an option in the new user creation form. To access this setting, type "Allow group admins to set the password for users" in the search box at the top of each page, and then click on the matching result.

User Management for Group Admins

Group Admins can create users within existing groups for which the admin is responsible. Once users are created, Group Admins are not able to alter them. Any subsequent changes must be performed by a site administrator.

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