Shared/Bot Users

While you can set any user to be a Shared/Bot user, we anticipate each individual user on an account will be have their own set of permissions based on their security policies with your business. We strongly encourage our customers to create individual user accounts for each person accessing for their connections to manage appropriate permissions. However, some use cases require that accounts be shared among multiple people or automated scripts/bots. For example, a user account might be shared by multiple automated scripts, by multiple IoT devices that share a common credential or key, or by a team that has rotating members who all need to use the same credentials or key.

To configure an account as a Shared/Bot user, enable the toggle for Shared/bot user within the account's Privileges settings.

Shared/Bot users can use all aspects of the Web UI, including Previews and Office integration, but they have some special restrictions:

Users set as a Shared/Bot user are prevented from changing their own password, email address or time zone. For example, you may want to create one shared username through which several people will be uploading documents to your site. Creating that username as a Shared/Bot user prevents an individual from changing the password, email address or time zone, which would disrupt service for all of the other people attempting to use this user account.

Shared/Bot users bypass all 2FA requirements. 2FA requires a physical device, which would only be able to be possessed by one physical person. 2FA is disabled for Shared/Bot users to allow multiple people as well as automated scripts or bots to log in using this account.

Because of all the restrictions listed here, Shared/Bot users may not also be site admins. To promote a Shared/Bot user to an admin, you must first disable the Shared/Bot user setting before you can enable the Administrator access setting.

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