WebDAV Support

Files.com is unique in that it has full support for WebDAV, including all of the popular WebDAV extensions.

This means that Files.com works seamlessly with the native WebDAV drive mounting capabilities available in Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as most standalone WebDAV clients, including:

Why use WebDAV?

Flexibility and convenience

While most cloud servers require users to install yet another client app to access remote files directly from their operating system's native file manager, Files.com lets you leverage the WebDAV capabilities already built right into your OS.

This means your users can quickly and easily access and work with files directly using the file manager and other system tools they're already familiar with.

No firewall changes required

Since the WebDAV protocol works over standard HTTPS - the same underlying protocol used by your web browser to access secure websites - there is no need for custom firewall rules that are often necessary when using other file transfer protocols.

Your IT department doesn’t need one more call asking for a firewall change, and you don’t need to make that call, because the WebDAV port you need is already open.


Many commonly used programs were built before the advent of cloud servers, and are limited to working only with files stored on a "local" system drive.

WebDAV's ability to expose a Files.com site as a local disk drive enables users of such apps to streamline their workflows by accessing their files directly using such programs, avoiding cumbersome manual file transfers.

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