WebDAV is one of many standard protocols for accessing the Cloud from your desktop or another computer.

Files.com does support WebDAV, however, if your goal is simply access to Files.com from your Desktop, please use the Files.com Desktop App instead. The Desktop app supports Windows and Mac and is much faster, easier to use, and more secure than WebDAV.

However, some customers need to use WebDAV for very specific reasons, and if you know that those reasons apply to you, follow the articles in this section to connect to Files.com via WebDAV.

Connection Information

The WebDAV URL for your site is simply the https:// URL to your Files.com subdomain. Input https://SUBDOMAIN.files.com/ where SUBDOMAIN is your Files.com subdomain anywhere you are asked for a URL.

WebDAV is only offered using https:// and an insecure (unencrypted) version is not offered.

WebDAV Server Details

Files.com operates a proprietary WebDAV server software that we build and maintain in-house using our full-time employees. Our server is compatible with the WebDAV standards. We regularly verify our compliance with the WebDAV standards using Litmus, the official testing tool from the WebDAV organization.


If the user account has been configured to Require password change on next login then WebDAV login will not succeed until the password has been changed. Ask the user to access Files.com using our web interface and have them complete the password change prior to attempting a login via WebDAV.

If a user is having problems logging in using WebDAV then have them attempt to log in using the Files.com web interface. If the issue persists there then this eliminates WebDAV as the cause.

Folder Settings Issues

WebDAV isn't consistently implemented across clients and we have found that some WebDAV clients do not perform atomic uploads. This causes certain Folder Settings, such as GPG and Rename Uploaded Files, to receive partially uploaded files rather than the complete file, causing file corruption, zero byte files, and GPG processing failures.

We strongly recommend using our Desktop App on desktop computers, rather than the built-in WebDAV client, so that partial data isn't uploaded into folders that have Folder Settings configured for them.

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