Our Comprehensive Approach To Encryption

At Files.com, the security of the data you entrust us with is our top priority.

We believe that the need for information security is greater now than ever before. That's why we always automatically encrypt every file stored with Files.com.

We also understand that many organizations have even stricter security requirements, which is why we offer the additional option of automatic encryption using customer-managed encryption keys, putting you in complete control of your data privacy.

Strong Encryption Comes Standard

As a secure home for your most valuable content, Files.com keeps your files safe by applying strong encryption while files are in transit and at rest.

  • By default, every file uploaded to Files.com - whether sent using the web interface, the Files.com app, or any of our supported protocols - is encrypted in transit using high-strength Transport Layer Security (TLS) or SSH encryption.
  • Once uploaded, every file is encrypted at rest by Files.com using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. This is an extremely high level of encryption and is considered the industry standard for data protection in the cloud.

Encryption at rest means that any data ‘at rest’ in Files.com – not moving anywhere, but just sitting in storage, is encrypted. This way, if somebody were to physically remove a disk from one of our datacenters, any data on it would be encrypted and couldn’t be read by anyone.

Encryption for FTP and HTTP Connections

We support 2048-bit SSL encryption for all inbound and outbound FTP and HTTP connections as well as modern SSH encryption for all SFTP connections.

For all web connections, SSL encryption https:// is required. If someone attempts to connect to the platform via unsecured http://, they will be automatically redirected to the secure version of the HTTP address.

FTP (file transfer protocol) connections through port 990 require the supported 2048-bit SSL encryption on all connections. Any FTP connections via port 21 have the same encryption requirements by default. However, we do allow you to configure your account security settings to allow insecure FTP connections if needed. 

Take Control With Customer-Managed Encryption Keys

We know that every organization has unique security requirements when it comes to moving their data to the cloud. If you have regulatory needs or compliance requirements that demand the highest level of encryption security, Files.com has you covered with automatic PGP/GPG encryption using encryption keys that you control.

Get an extra layer of encryption on a per folder basis. This powerful feature provides seamless encryption of your data using your own PGP public key, rendering your files unreadable by anyone - even Files.com - without the corresponding private key, so you're always in complete control of your data privacy.

Use of the Latest and Greatest SSL Technologies

Any security expert will tell you that information security is a moving target. An encryption technology that used to be best-in-class might get broken. Flaws get discovered. Technology evolves.

Unlike competitors who take a more lax approach when it comes to the use of modern and secure protocols and ciphers, we keep our customers data secure against evolving threats by enforcing the use of modern and secure encryption technology for all connections to Files.com.

Additionally, we are early adopters of cutting-edge technologies that make SSL encryption even more secure, such as HSTS, the HSTS preload list, Certificate Transparency, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and more.

As a result, we are one of the very few sites that earn an "A+" grade on the Qualys Labs SSL Grader, an automated audit of our implementation of SSL encryption for HTTPS.

However, we also recognize that some organizations have diverse userbases and no control over the client software used for sending and receiving data. To help such organizations strike a balance between securing their data and maintaining compatibility for their users, we offer the option to opt out of the strict enforcement of modern encryption ciphers and protocols. 

Customers may choose to use this opt-out setting even temporarily, while the Files.com support team assists users with selecting or upgrading to modern and secure client software.

Comprehensive Security Goes Beyond Encryption

We know that encryption is only one piece of the data security puzzle. Our platform provides flexibility and gives you complete control for however you need to manage and share files. Files.com includes features beyond encryption that allow authorized users to access and utilize your files data securely.

Single Sign On

As an organization grows, both in headcount and in the number of on-premise and cloud services utilized, the need for providing employees with a single identity to securely access those services becomes essential.

At Files.com, we know that whether you are a fast-growing startup or an established enterprise with thousands of employees across the globe, you will appreciate the security benefits and streamlined user experience that Single-Sign-On (SSO) provides for your users.

Files.com customers have flexible Single-Sign-On options via LDAP, OAuth, and SAML. Support for popular SSO providers includes:

  • Auth0
  • Google Login
  • JumpCloud
  • Microsoft Active Directory (including Azure AD and ADFS)
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable additional protection for your Files.com account with two-factor authentication (2FA). This type of multi-factor authentication requires two different factors in order for users to be granted access.

When enabled, users must enter their standard username and password. Then, the second factor is retrieved from a secondary device such as a smartphone or 2FA key.

Files.com offers five two-factor authentication methods to select from and our platform supports authenticating with 2FA via FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV.

Flexible Provisioning via LDAP

Files.com allows you to merge your users and groups from existing systems over secure LDAP while maintaining group memberships and enabling user access via all the interfaces and protocols that Files.com offers. Connect via the Files.com interface, FTP/SFTP, even mount and sync direct integration with other platforms and cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

You have complete, individual control over user and group syncing with options for adding users or groups only or deleting users and groups when they have been removed from your authoritative server.

With Files.com the encryption and security of your data is comprehensive and flexible, giving your business the ability to comply with industry regulations and keep business processes running smoothly.

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