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Customer Success From the Outset

Our Customer Success team is here to help make your experience with Files.com more satisfying and more productive. We've promoted the philosophy of high-touch, proactive support from our inception, and our customers have been very clear that responsive support is a priority.

We've recently added new options to how you send in support tickets to make your support experience even better.

What a New Customer Said

Here is what we received from a new customer shortly after adding these options:

I have to say that I have never worked with a tech support group like you guys. It is just unheard of that you would actually respond so quickly, solve the problem and actually extend an arm out to my affiliates should they need it. Wow, that alone is reason why I would continue with your company.

What We Added

  1. You can now select an impact level for your ticket from Low to Critical. This tags your ticket and tells us the level of importance you are ascribing to your issue. Knowing that before we even open the ticket helps us prioritize and respond appropriately for your needs.
  2. You can easily attach files to your ticket, allowing you to send in screen shots, log files, example code, and more.
  3. You are now able to grant us different levels of temporary access to your site. This gives you more control over our access and gives us more tools in collaborating with you to trouble-shoot issues.

For routine requests, a normal ticket will do, but sometimes your issue is more complex or is something you need resolved quickly. In these cases, you can select the access you would like to grant us. We can use that to log into your site, review settings with you, run tests, and help select the correct settings, and any file or folder actions we take on your behalf are logged in your site history just as if we were one of your administrators.

We've always been here to help; now we can take that even further.

Visit our documentation center for a detailed description of how to submit support tickets to get the help you need.

Questions? Need help?

Please let us know how we can assist you. We’re here and glad to help. Please contact us by email, chat (in your web interface when logged in), or phone (1-800-286-8372 ext. 2).

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