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The Files.com team is excited to announce that our Files.com Partner Connector on the Boomi integration platform has been updated, expanded, and improved with many new capabilities.

In addition to data transfer capabilities between your Boomi processes and your Files.com site, the updated connector can now manage files, folders, share links, user accounts and groups.

Improve your automated data exchanges, and partner onboarding, with over 30 new actions that you can perform on files, folders, share links, user accounts and groups.

We've also improved connectivity, throughput, and auto-retry capabilities these capabilities are far more resilient than relying on SFTP or FTP. The connector which uses the direct APIs is much faster than using SFTP or FTP.

Boomi provides a visual, point and click interface for building integrations through a browser-based UI. Processes and integrations can be set up quickly, with no coding, to automate your business tasks and workflows.

The Boomi Integration Platform provides pre-built connectors to over 300,000 applications, including popular business systems such as Salesforce, Netsuite, SAP, Workday, AWS, ServiceNow, and now Files.com.

Connect your Boomi processes with Files.com to take advantage of our powerful Managed File Transfer features such as our web UI, automations, secure transfer protocols (SFTP, FTP, AS2, etc.), remote sync, and remote mount. Use our security and authentication options to securely extend input and output of your Boomi processes to external partners, vendors, and customers.


The updated Files.com Partner Connector is available to Boomi customers.

We at Files.com are always looking at ways to improve our integrations, features, and capabilities. We're looking forward to receiving more suggestions and feedback from customers about other integrations that you'd like to see implemented.

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