The upload, download, and sync operations will automatically attempt to retry each file transfer two more times, for a total of three attempts.

The CLI App is capable of automatically resuming a transfer from the interruption point, but this also depends on the capabilities of the both sides of the transfer.

If the source or destination is a Remote Server Mount then that type of Remote Server may not support resuming from the interruption point. If the Remote Server doesn't support it then the CLI will be forced to restart a file transfer from the beginning. The CLI App will always attempt to resume from the interruption point, then fall back to restarting from the beginning of the file if the resume fails.

Generally speaking, Remote Server Mounts to modern cloud object storage solutions, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage, should support resuming from the interrupt point. Remote Server Mounts to legacy solutions, such as FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and Sharepoint, will most likely not support resuming from the interrupt point and will force the CLI to restart from the beginning of the file.

If you are using a local network attached file system, where the network connection to the file storage might not be fully stable, you can configure a higher number of retries using the --retry-count flag.

files-cli upload /local/path/to/folder/ /remote/path/to/folder/ --send-logs-to-cloud --retry-count=10
files-cli download /remote/path/to/folder/ /local/path/to/folder/ --send-logs-to-cloud --retry-count=10
files-cli sync push --local-path="M:\NetworkShare1\Documents" --remote-path="Documents" --send-logs-to-cloud --times --retry-count=10

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