CLI App Output and Logs

The CLI App provides multiple output formatting options as well as providing various log options.

Formatting the Output

By default, the CLI App will output its data in table format.

You can configure the output format by using the --format option. For example, to specify that the output should be formatted in JSON format, use the option --format json.

Available output formats are:

  • table
  • table-dark
  • table-bright
  • json
  • csv

Here are some examples:

files-cli folders list-for /path/to/folder --format=csv
files-cli folders create --path="/path/to/folder/to/be/created" --format=json
files-cli users list --format=table-dark

Saving Output to a File

You can save the output of the operation to a file by using the --output flag. This is useful for saving a log of the actions taken by the operation.

files-cli upload /local/path/to/folder/ /remote/path/to/folder/ --output="log.txt"

You can also format the output by using the --output-format flag and specifying either text, csv, or json as the format type. The default format type is csv.

files-cli upload /local/path/to/folder/ /remote/path/to/folder/ --output="log.txt "--output-format=text

Sending Operation/Run Logs to the Cloud

If you are running scripted operations, you can have the CLI send a report of the operation including the Success/Failure status as well as a log of every run. To do this add the flag --send-logs-to-cloud.

The logs from the CLI App will be contained within the External Logs of your site.

Debug Logs

When communicating with our Support team, you may be asked to provide a debug log to assist with troubleshooting. You can use the --debug flag to generate a debug log file.

files-cli upload /local/path/to/folder/ /remote/path/to/folder/ --debug="debuglog.txt"

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