Overwrite Behavior Setting for Web Interface

By default, when uploading a file to the Web Interface and a file of the same name already exists, Files.com will rename the new file by appending a digit to the filename. The way the Files.com platform handles case sensitivity will affect overwrite behavior.

This ensures that drag and dropping a file never results in data loss by overwriting an old file.

Site administrators can configure a setting so that users can instead receive a prompt asking to overwrite the file or cancel the upload entirely. To enable the setting, type "Overwrite behavior" in the search box at the top of every page and then click on the matching result.

This is a site-wide setting and may not be customized by folder. We think that having the behavior of overwrites different in different folders is too confusing, so we are not inclined to support that.

Where This Setting Is Used

This setting impacts authenticated users using the Web interface and inbound AS2 transmissions. It does not impact uploads made via the API, SDKs, FTP, SFTP, Zapier, or other integrations.

Uploading duplicate names to Inboxes will trigger automatic renaming behavior rather than prompting the user for overwrites, even if the site-wide overwrite behavior is "Allow files to be overwritten, but ask first".

Duplicate uploads to Share Links will behave differently depending upon the allowed actions for the link. Uploading duplicate names to Share Links that allow only uploads will always automatically rename the duplicates. Uploading duplicate names to Share Links that allow both uploads and downloads or that provide full access will follow the site-wide overwrite behavior.

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