What protocols does Files.com support?

Below are the protocols Files.com supports, along with the port numbers.

  • HTTPS (443) via our web interface, right in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, IE11)
  • FTP (21 or 3021) / FTPS (990 or 3990) / FTPES (21 or 3021) via a desktop client (FileZilla, Cyberduck, etc).
  • SFTP (22 or 3022) via some desktop clients
  • WebDAV (443) for mounting folders on your desktop

Files.com also offers a Desktop app for Windows and macOS, as well as a full-featured REST API for developers.

Does Files.com support Single Sign-On?

Yes! Files.com provides flexible Single Sign-On options via LDAP/Active Directory, OAuth, and SAML, with support for popular SSO providers including Okta, Azure, Google, OneLogin, Auth0, and more.

Files.com also lets you merge your existing users and groups into Files.com via SCIM or LDAP, while maintaining all of your group memberships.

Do you support public uploads and downloads like Dropbox?

Yes! If you use our Inboxes feature, any user will be able to upload files to your Inbox URLs. Inboxes can be password-protected if desired.

If you use our Share Links feature, you can also send a special URL to people, and anyone will be able to download the files without signing up. Share Links can be password-protected if desired.

Can multiple people share the same username, and log in at the same time?

Yes, many of our customers make a single username that is shared by several people (for example multiple people at the same customer or vendor). We do not prevent them from being logged in simultaneously. The only thing to note is that activity logging is on a per-user basis, so all their activities would get merged into the same activity log.

Can I use a custom domain and SSL certificate?

Yes! We allow a completely custom domain, and provide you with a free, matching SSL certificate (or you can bring your own certificate if you like). You can even customize your site logo and colors to remove the Files.com branding entirely, making our product look like your own completely custom solution.

Where are the files hosted?

Files.com allows you to choose the geographic region that your files are stored in. By default files are stored within the United States, but you can easily change this to have files stored in one of our other supported regions, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Singapore. Our Redundancy & Backups page explains exactly where we store different types of data.

What is your refund policy?

Any account may be cancelled for a refund for any reason at any time. There are no contracts or hidden fees. If you cancel and request a refund, we will refund your most recent payment. No questions asked. One refund per person, please.

Which web browsers does Files.com support?

Files.com’s web interface works with any modern web browser. We recommend and support the most recent versions of:

Google Chrome Google Chrome

Firefox Firefox

Safari Safari

Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11