Groups are an ideal way of categorizing users to simplify and streamline permission assignment. Rather than assigning permissions to one user at a time, you can use groups to conveniently assign the same permissions to many users at once.

Adding Groups

Only administrators can create groups. As an administrator, you can add new groups from Settings > Groups.

Give the group a unique Group name relevant to its purpose (e.g. a department or organization name), and optionally enter a Note for your reference. Click the drop-down select box under Group members to add individual users to the group (you can always edit the group to add or remove users later). When finished, click the Create group button.

Editing Groups

Administrators can manage the permissions and members of a group at any time. To make changes to a group, click the edit button in the rightmost column of the group list.

Deleting Groups

To delete a group, simply click the delete button in the rightmost column of the group list. The group will immediately be deleted, and its members will lose any permissions they had previously inherited from the group.

Delegating Group Administration includes the Group Admin feature on Enterprise plans, providing administrators with the added flexibility of delegating user creation within a group to select non-administrators known as “group admins”.

To designate a group member as an admin of a group, simply check the Group admin checkbox for that group member when creating or editing the group. Note that you may designate multiple members of a group as admins.

Group admins can access the group(s) they manage by clicking the Groups icon in the web interface. There they will see the list of groups they can add users to, as well as the current user count of each group.

Group admins can click the name of a group they manage to view the members of the group. From there, they can use the Create user in this group button to create new users within the group.

Showing the Group Matrix

To better understand the structure of your groups and the members in those groups, provides a Group Matrix display. The Group Matrix shows all the members on your system and their associated groups.

To access the Group Matrix, select Settings > Users or Settings > Groups and select the Show groups matrix link.

Additionally, you can configure the Group Matrix to show only select groups. From the Select groups to display… box, select the specific group or groups to show in your Group Matrix.