Keyboard Hotkeys

Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick and easy way to navigate around your account in the web interface and perform frequently used actions. When you are navigating through your folder tree performing file and folder operations, use the reference below to speed things up with these keyboard shortcuts.

Hotkeys for the Files page

Key Action
Arrows Navigate up and down the items in your folder
enter Open the highlighted folder or preview the highlighted file
x Select the checkbox for the highlighted file or folder
/ Global file search
n Create a New Folder
p Open the Folder Permissions view for the current folder
s Toggle Folder Settings Pane
e Open Folder Email Notifications for the current folder
m Open the dialog to Move the currently checked items
c Open the dialog to Copy the currently checked items
Delete Delete the checked items (requires confirmation)
Esc Closes/cancels the current dialog box, closes folder settings
i Open the item actions menu for the highlighted file or folder