gives administrators the ability to have one or more users notified by email any time uploads are made to a specific folder on your FTP site. Upload notifications are sent in batches, with email frequency options of every five minutes, every fifteen minutes, hourly, or daily.

Upload notification emails will include a list of the files uploaded within the configured notification period, limited to the first 100. If you require a more comprehensive or fine-grained notification solution, consider using our Webhooks instead, perhaps in conjunction with our Zapier integration. As an example, visit our tutorial for creating a Download Notification with Zapier.

To manage notifications for a folder, browse into that folder from the All Files and select the Gear Icon to open the folder settings.

Under Email notifications you will see a list of existing notifications configured for the folder.

Adding Notifications

To create a user notification of uploads to this folder, first click the Add new notification button. Use the dropdown field to select the username desired or select the option to add all users in the account. Next, select the desired email frequency for compiling and sending notifications. Finally, click Add notification. The user will begin receiving email notifications for uploads to this folder, as well as its subfolders, at the interval you specified.

Deleting Notifications

To Delete a notification, simply click the Delete button that appears in the Actions column for the desired username. Confirm the deletion and this user will no longer receive notifications of file uploads to this folder.

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