Sharing Files allows you to easily share files publicly using either the web interface. administrators can enable this sharing feature for users via the user setting Can use share feature to send files to third parties.

There are two types of sharing on

QuickLink allows you to create a ready-to-use special URL that you can give to anyone, and he or she will be able to view that file while not logged in. This is great if you want to share a file with a client or to the public.

QuickShare is exactly the same as QuickLink, except that you are allowed to select multiple files to be shared instead of just one.

Sharing a file with QuickLink is easy:

When you login to your account, you will land on the Files tab where you should see the listing of your files and folders. Hover your mouse over a file and you will see the QuickLink icon.

A dialog window will open letting you view the link for your file. Click on the link one time with your mouse and it will automatically highlight. Now right click and choose ‘Copy’, and you can paste it publicly for people to access that file.

QuickShare is just as easy, just slightly different:

Use the checkboxes to select multiple files or folders that you want to share

Click the bulk actions dropdown menu that appears and choose Add to QuickShare

You will see a link appear on the right notifying you that your files were added to QuickShare as well as how many files were added. Click this link to bring up the dialog box with your URL.

On the dialog box, click the url once to have it automatically highlight for you. Now right click and choose ‘Copy’. This link can now be publicly pasted and they will be able to access all of the files you shared.

At any time you can view all current QuickLink/QuickShare bundles that you’ve created.

Choose Sharing in the flyout menu.

You will see which user in your account has shared files, the shared link URLs, along with the date the link was shared. You can also click on the Share URL to download the bundle and preview what files were in it.

On the right side of each listing is a Revoke link which you can click to remove the shared link. This will only remove the bundle of files from being shared, it will NOT delete the files from your Files page.

That is how you can share a file or a set of files, or even a whole folder a time using, making it easy to let anyone download the file.

Note About Share Link Expiration

By default, share links will automatically expire after 30 days. As with revoking a share link, the expired bundle of files will no longer be shared, but the files will not be deleted. Administrators can customize the share expiration setting at Configuration > General > Share expiration.