Search offers a search engine that allows searching for content including files and folders by name. Additionally, if the user is an Admin user, search offers search results to show Admin Settings which match the search query.

Using the search capability on web allows users to see the search results as they type the search query as well as offers a shortcut to navigate to the specific results. This includes navigating to a folder, previewing the file or navigating to the settings for Admins.

For folders stored within, the search is recursive and the results will include items found within any subfolders.

Remote Mount Limitations

We do not maintain an index of Remote Mount folders for searching. Doing so would require regularly spidering remote servers, and we've found that this can create problems for many of our customers.

Our in-app search supports searching the current folder and will only include items found within that folder.

We hope to offer an indexed search of remote mounts at some time in the future. If we add this, it will be delivered on an opt-in basis for each remote mount.

Automated Use

Our in-app search engine is meant for human business users, and is not meant to be used by automations. That's because our search index is specifically not updated in real time.

While we try to have file uploads, moves, and deletes reflected in search within a period of time that's reasonable for humans, we have not designed the system to provide the sort of instant gratification that is often required for automated business processes.

For automated search, we do offer the ability to filter the items returned in the list of a single folder. This can be achieved with the filter parameter to the folder list request in our API and SDKs. It accepts wildcards.

With all of that said, we do provide API and SDK access to the search functionality, with the expectation that it only be used to support human business users.

We hope to one day extend the capacity of our search engine to provide for in-file search, however that capability is not planned for our near-term roadmap.

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