Get Upload URL


Returns a URL for uploading a file to your site. Once you receive the target URL, POST your file contents to that address. The body of that request should contain only the bytes to be stored in the target file.

The authenticated user must have write permissions. If you provide a folder path that does not exist, it will be created automatically. Uploads are atomic; it is not possible resume an interrupted upload.



Replace with your site address.

Request Parameters

NameData TypeDescription
access_tokenstringRequired. The session key that identifies which user is authenticated. Either an access token returned by the authenticateUser function, or a a user API Key.
fileSizeintegerRequired. Size of the file to upload, in bytes.
destinationPathstringRequired. Full path, including the filename, where the file will be uploaded.
allowOverwritebooleanTrue if the file should be overwritten, false if different file names should be generated.
This will override the site-wide setting for allowing overwrites.

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