List Users


Get a list of the users in your site. Only site administrators can use this operation to list other user accounts.

You can only retrieve users associated with your site. Attempting to retrieve a user with a name taken by another site will result in a 404 NOT FOUND error.



Replace with your site address.

Request Parameters

NameData TypeDescription
access_tokenstringRequired. The session key that identifies which user is authenticated. Either an access token returned by the authenticateUser function, or a a user API Key.
sortBystringWhich field the resorts should be sorted by.
Valid choices are: "sort_users_username", "sort_users_nickname", "sort_users_email" or "sort_users_home_folder"
sortOrderstringWhat direction to sort the records in.
Valid options are "asc" or "desc".


Specify what order the results will be returned in by using the sortBy parameter. Valid options are "sort_users_username", "sort_users_nickname", "sort_users_email", or "sort_users_home_folder". All sorting is case-insensitive.

The sort order is ascending by default. To sort in descending order, send "desc" for the sortOrder parameter.

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