Update a User


Changes a user within your site. Only site administrators can update a user, and all site administrators can update every user account.


POST https://mysite.files.com/v1.2/updateUser

Replace mysite.files.com with your site address.

Request Body Schema

Any values you do not wish to change for the user can be left out of the request.

NameData TypeNotes
access_tokenstringRequired. The session key that identifies which user is authenticated. Either an access token returned by the authenticateUser function, or a a Files.com user API Key.
userIdintegerRequired. The user's internal ID number, not their login name.
usernamestring This should follow standard username conventions - spaces are not allowed, etc.
nicknamestringThe full name for the user.
destinationFolderstring A path that the user will be given permission to. Users who will be site administrators should have a destinationFolder of "/"
The path that is provided here will be used as the user_root for FTP.
emailstringMust be a valid email address.
passwordstringThe new password for the user. Passwords cannot be set to common words or passwords which have been published on the dark web.
rolestringSend "admin" if the user should be a site administrator, or "user" otherwise.
Possible values: admin, user.
permissionsobjectA CSV string of ExaVault-style user permissions, which will be translated into Files.com-style privileges.
For example: "upload,download,list" permissions results in a read/write user.
Updating a user's permissions will replace all permissions already defined for that user.
timeZonestringTime zone, used for accurate time display within the application.
Must be one of the allowed time zone identifiers.
"UTC" is not a valid option.
expirationdate-timeOptional timestamp when the user should expire.
Format is "YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS".
Must be in the future; you cannot retroactively expire a user account.
lockedbooleanIf true, the user account will be disabled.

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