The Users API allows you to manage user accounts within your site.

User Permissions

Because the permission on the ExaVault platform differed from what is available on the platform, interacting with user permissions through the ExaVault Legacy APIs requires some translation.

Some of the ExaVault permissions, such as notification, viewFormData, deleteFormData, or undelete are meaningless in the platform. Other ExaVault permissions, such as modify and delete, are contained within other permissions.

In addition, some combinations of permissions are no longer supported. For example, it is not possible to create a user who has "upload" but not "list" permissions, so assigning a user "upload" permissions via the legacy ExaVault API will also grant "list" permissions.

How ExaVault Permissions Map to Permissions

When you provide permissions for endpoints that create or modify users, the resulting user in your site may have permissions you did not expect. This is mostly due to the difference in how the platforms handle the ability for users to delete or overwrite files.

When you create or update a user with a combination of legacy permissions, the result will be the union of the resulting permissions in

Granted legacy permissionResulting User Permissions in
downloadread + list
uploadfull + write + read + list
modifyfull + write + read + list
deletefull + write + read + list
sharelist + read + share
changePasswordNone granted. This is a user setting for whether the user can change their password.
notification, viewFormData, deleteFormData, undeleteNone granted. This is not a separate permission in

How Permissions Map to ExaVault Permissions

As described above, the permission information returned by the legacy ExaVault API requires some interpretation.

We do not recommend the use of the legacy ExaVault APIs to audit your user permissions within the platform. Instead, you should use one of the SDKs, which will return information consistent with the actual user permissions. Permissions Assigned to UserReturned ExaVault User Permission
admin (includes full, write, read, list, share, history)download, upload, modify, delete, list, share, notification, viewFormData, deleteFormData
full (includes write, read, list)download, upload, modify, delete, list, notification
read/write (includes list)download, upload
read (includes list)download, notification
write (includes list)upload
share (includes read, list)download, list, share
history (includes list)none

ExaVault Home Directories versus Path Permissions

The ExaVault platform supported assigning only a single home directory for a user, and all permissions were granted recursively within that path. This means that the legacy ExaVault API can only support a single path for a user's permissions.

If you have granted your users permission to multiple paths within, the legacy ExaVault API may return unexpected results.

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