List Users


List the users in the site. Only site administrators can use this operation to list other user accounts. If you are authenticated as a user who is not a site administrator, only your own user information will be returned.

You can only list users associated with your site. Attempting to list a user with a name taken by another site will result in a 404 NOT FOUND error.



Replace with your site address.

Request Parameters

NameData TypeDescription
usernamestringThe username of the user you are looking for. Only entries with the same username as this will be in the list of results. Does not support wildcard searches.
homeResourcestringResource identifier for user's home directory. Does not support wildcard searches.
If you are providing a path, do not include a leading / character.
nicknamestringThe user's full name.
emailstringEmail address. Does not support wildcard searches.
rolestring"user" or "admin".
Site administrators will be "admin" and all other users are "user".
statusinteger0 for locked users, 1 for active users.
offsetintegerUsed for paginating responses. Skip this number of results.
limitintegerUsed for paginating responses. Limit the total number of returned results.
sortstringWhich field to use for sorting the users list.
Valid options are "nickname", "username", "email", "homedir", or "modified".


The ExaVault legacy API does not include cursor-based pagination. Instead, you can use the limit and offset request parameters to restrict the number of results returned, and make multiple requests to retrieve subsequent pages of results.

The limit parameter is the maximum number of results that can be returned, starting from the beginning of the list or from the offset parameter value, if that was provided. The limit cannot be larger than 10,000.

The offset represents how many records to skip before returning up to the limit parameter value number of results.


You can specify what order the results will be returned in by using the sort parameter. Valid options are "nickname", "username", "email", "homedir", or "modified". All sorting is case-insensitive.

The sort order is ascending by default. To sort in descending order, prefix the sort value with a minus, such as "-modified".

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