AS2 Logs

This log shows the inbound and outbound AS2 transmissions between your site and your AS2 trading partners. It includes Message Disposition Notification (MDN) information, if it is available. We retain these logs for 30 days.

This log provides comprehensive information, including the transmission direction (Inbound or Outbound), the sender's Trading Partner ID, the recipient's Trading Partner ID, the end status of the transmission (success or failure), the size and name of the transmitted file. Additionally, it offers a link to the file contents if available, indicates the presence of a Message Disposition Notification (MDN) for the transfer, and provides a link to view the MDN if it exists. The log further details the results of AS2 processing steps, covering the receipt, decryption, and verification of the digital signature of the file, along with sending back an MDN. It concludes with information on the AS2 HTTP Response Code and the AS2 HTTP Response Headers.

To access the AS2 Transmissions log within the web UI, type "AS2 logs" in the search bar at the top of each page, and then click on the matching result.

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