Files.com maintains comprehensive audit logs to track file activity, user actions, and administrator activity at the site level for security, compliance, and troubleshooting purposes.

One of the most common questions our customers face is whether their files have arrived from or reached their counterparty, partner, or the system where the files need to be delivered. For this and many other purposes, our advanced logging system provides real-time visibility and monitoring, ensuring that every action on the site is being logged.

These logs serve multiple purposes, including auditing user and file activity, troubleshooting, diagnosing file transfer issues, remote server sync operations, automation runs and API calls. Additionally, they are helpful for tracking inbox and shared link usage, and to monitoring emails sent by Files.com.

Our comprehensive logging is available for site administrators. The logs can be accessed using the web app, APIs, or the CLI app. Our support teams will also have access to the same logs on the back-end to enhance troubleshooting when working with our teams.

Below is the list of all logs available for your site, they are broken down based on the services associated with the logs.

Settings ChangesShows changes made to site-wide settings and configurations, and changes made to folder settings.
HistoryShows site-wide activity of files, user accounts, groups, logins, permissions, and API Keys.
User activity historyShows the selected user's activity. Includes file and folder activity by the user, login attempts by the user, and changes made to the user account by an administrator.
Folder activity historyShows the selected folder's activity. Includes file and folder activity performed within the selected folder.
FTP LogsShows detailed FTP file transfer activity.
SFTP LogsShows detailed SFTP file transfer activity.
AS2 transmissionsShows the inbound and outbound AS2 transmissions between your Files.com site and your AS2 trading partners. Includes Message Disposition Notification (MDN) information.
External eventsShows events that occurred when interacting with external systems. Includes Remote Servers, external identity systems (LDAP, SAML), and the Files.com CLI App.
Webhook activityShows the results of webhook calls made from your Files.com site to other systems.
Automation activityShows the actions performed by the selected automation and their results.
Share Link usageShows the download activity for the selected Share Link.
Inbox usageShows the upload activity for the selected Inbox.
Inbox registrationsShows details of the user registrations for the selected Inbox.
Inbound EmailsShows list of the emails received for inboxes configured with an email address.
Outbound EmailsShows list of the emails sent by the server.
Site usageShows site-wide utilization of storage, bandwidth, APIs, and user accounts of your Files.com site.
API LogsShows detailed audit log of API requests made to your site.

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