Files.com offers thorough real-time audit logs for SFTP file transfers to your site, logging essential details such as the time of action, remote IP, server IP, user, sequence ID, action, path, file names, data length, entries returned, duration, status, and more.

We retain these logs for 30 days.

Below are the details available in SFTP logs. Columns such as User, Remote IP, Session UUID, Action, Path, Path on Files.com, and Status can be filterable within a certain date range.

DateStart time of the action.
UserUsername associated with the action.
Remote IPIP address of the SFTP client.
Server IPIP address of the SFTP server.
Session UUIDSession UUID is a unique identifier assigned to each session, from login to session closure, distinguishing it from other sessions.
Sequence IDSFTP sequence ID received from the SFTP client.
Auth MethodAuthentication methods like passwords, public keys, etc., are available for the login action type.
Auth CiphersDisplays authentication ciphers tied to Auth Method.
ActionAction types such as login, list directory, create directory, upload, download, rename, read status, set status, remove, etc.,.
PathPath sent by the SFTP client. This path may not match with the actual path on Files.com due to user's SFTP root folders. This should be delimited by slashes (/), excluding both the start and end slashes. Maximum length: 5000 characters.
Path on Files.comActual path on Files.com.
File NameActual file name.
MD5MD5 hash of the file (if available).
SFTP Response CodeSFTP response code returned to the SFTP client.
SFTP Response MessageSFTP response message returned to the SFTP client.
SizePresent for action which involve size.
Data LengthData length in bytes is provided for actions involving data transfer, such as upload and download.
Entries ReturnedNumber of entries returned when listing files and folders.
StatusStatus such as Success or Failure for each SFTP action.
DurationTime taken in milliseconds for the execution of individual action.

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