Share Links Usage

The Share Links Access Logs shows the registration and file activity for the selected Share Link. Preview actions are not included in the log. We retain these logs for 1 year.

The table below lists the columns available in the Share Link Access Logs.

DateTime when the activity occurred.
PathPath of the file for the activity. For snapshot share links, the path will not match your Activity History.
RegistrantThe name or email of the visitor, if the Share Link requires registration.
ActionAction types such as Registration, Create, Delete, Download, etc.
SourceFor Copy or Move action types, the source file path.
DestinationFor Copy or Move action types, the destination file path.
IPThe visitor's IP address

File activity generated by external contacts using Share Links is also captured in the Site Activity History, but because it is not associated with a logged-in user, no username will appear in the Site Activity History for this type of activity.

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