Inboxes Usage

We have two types of logs available for inboxes. Inbox usage logs are for upload activity, while inbox registration logs show the details of user registrations for the selected inbox.

Inbox Usage

Inbox Usage log shows the upload activity for the selected Inbox. We retain these logs for 1 year.

It includes items such as which files were uploaded, including the folder path to where they were uploaded, and specifies the registered user responsible for the action, in cases where registration was necessary for the Inbox.

Uploads to inboxes are also captured in the Site Activity History. Because these actions are not associated with a logged-in user, the username in the Site Activity History will be blank.

Inbox Registrations

This log shows details of the user registrations for the selected Inbox. We retain these logs for 1 year.

It includes items such as the responses provided by the user to the input fields of the registration form used for this Inbox, and the ClickWrap used for the registration, if one was required for the Inbox.

The standard input fields for a registration form are Name, Email Address, and Company Name. If a Custom Form is used for the Inbox registration, then the field names will match those used in the Custom Form and the responses to the custom input fields will be included in the log.

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