Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) allows you to receive real time notifications through AWS about file activity for potential follow-up actions. For more detail on Amazon SNS, see Amazon's documentation on SNS.

Managing Amazon SNS Notifications

Site administrators and users with admin rights to at least one folder can manage Amazon SNS notifications within Folder Settings. To see a list of all the Amazon SNS Notifications you have access to, type "Amazon SNS Notifications" in the search box at the top of every screen and choose the matching result.

Creating an Amazon SNS Notification

You will first need to create an Amazon SNS topic and then obtain its unique ARN (Amazon Resource Names) to add an Amazon SNS notification. When you create a new Amazon SNS Notification, you must provide all of the settings that would allow to communicate with your topic. In the SNS Topic ARN field, enter the ARN for your topic. Choose the correct region for your topic in the AWS Region setting. Add your AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Key to provide the Amazon IAM credentials for sending messages to the topic.

You can use the Limit to a specific folder setting to only trigger the notification when actions happen in certain folders. Your site does not monitor actions on remote servers. Activity that takes place on a Remote Server Mount will not trigger an Amazon SNS notification, even if that mounted folder is within the folder you chose. If you require an Amazon SNS notification for files being uploaded to a mounted folder, use a Remote Server Sync to pull files from the mount into a non-mounted folder instead.

By default, Amazon SNS notifications will trigger for any file or folder action (create, read, update, delete, move, or copy) within the configured folder. You can limit which actions will trigger Amazon SNS notifications by choosing the Only trigger on specific actions option, and selecting the specific actions you would like.

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