Accessing Multiple Folders With a Single Agent

A single Agent can be used to securely access multiple folders of a system.

The root option in the Agent configuration file specifies the top-most folder that the Agent itself is allowed to access.

However, each Remote Mount and Remote Sync can target specific lower-level folders. You can configure as many Remote Mounts and Remotes Syncs as you want using only a single Agent.

For example, let's say you want to provide secure access to 3 specific folders on your local Windows Server. In this example we'll say there are 2 folders for trading partners and 1 folder for an internal team: C:\Partners\Acme, C:\Partners\BinaryBros, C:\Internal\Teams\VendorRelations

All of the above folders share the common top-level folder of C:\ so that is what we'll specify in the Agent configuration file for the root setting.

Now we can set up 3 different Remote Mounts, each targeting one of the above lower-level folders. A Remote Mount for Acme will be configured to point to the C:\Partners\Acme folder via the Agent. Another Remote Mount, for BinaryBros, will be configured to point to the C:\Partners\BinaryBros folder. A final Remote Mount, for the internal Vendor Relations team, will be configured to point to the C:\Internal\Teams\VendorRelations folder.

Each Remote Mount is limited to accessing only its corresponding lower-level folder. The Acme users will only be able to access the C:\Partners\Acme folder, the BinaryBros users will only be able to access the C:\Partners\BinaryBros folder, and the internal Vendor Relations users will only be able to access the C:\Internal\Teams\VendorRelations folder.

To allow the Agent to access folders outside of its root, enable its Follow Links feature.

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