Agent v1 Configuration File

The Agent v1 configuration file is generated by when the Remote Server for the Agent is created.

Use the Download configuration file button to download the v1 configuration file.

You can download the configuration file for an Agent Remote Server by editing the Remote Server settings and clicking the Download configuration file button.

The configuration file is JSON formatted and should be reviewed by the system administrator prior to use. The configuration file is designed (and intended) to be edited manually for customization by the system administrator prior to installation.

Prior to use, the following field should be updated in the JSON configuration file:

rootThis specifies the top-level directory that the Agent has access to. Set this value to a directory location on the system that you wish the Agent to access. Use only Linux style forward-slashes, as used in web URLs. For example, /path/to/agent/folder, C:/windows/folder, /mnt/otherserverfolder, or M:/mounted/networkfolder.

The system administrator should also review the following fields:

permission_setThis shows the permissions that your administrator specified for the Agent. If the system administrator disagrees, they can change this value. Valid options are read_write, read_only, and write_only.
portThis shows the network port that will be used for inbound connections from The default value is 58550 but can be changed to a custom value.
hostnameThe agent will attempt to automatically determine the public hostname, or IP address, for this server. You can use this field to specify your Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for inbound connections from

Do not edit or change any other fields in the configuration file.

If you use multiple v1 Agents on the same system then make sure that each is configured to use a different network port. However, using multiple agents on the same system is discouraged and may result in excessive license charges at renewal, because each Agent is licensed separately.

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