Migration Assistance

Files.com is happy to help our customers migrate their data to Files.com from prior systems.

Migrating Files and Folders

Most of our customers opt to migrate their data to Files.com by self-service. Although we are happy to help with migration (see below), the Files.com user interface makes migration quick and easy and our customers often find that it's worth doing it themselves to learn the in's and out's of the system.

Option 1: Pull Files Using a Remote Server Sync

We recommend setting up a Remote Server Sync to initially transfer any files from a remote repository into Files.com. Files.com's Remote Server Sync feature gives you the ability to push or pull files to or from remote servers. Initial import is one of the many use cases of this capability. Once you see how easy it is to set up a Remote Server Sync, you may discover additional use cases for this capability.

The remote server types that we currently support for Remote Server Sync include: Azure Blob Storage, Backblaze B2, Box, Dropbox, Files.com Agent, FTP, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, OneDrive, Rackspace Cloud Files, Amazon S3, SFTP, SharePoint, Wasabi, and WebDAV.

If your storage location is Windows, Linux, or MacOS based then you can use our Agent to enable a Remote Server Sync with your storage. The Agent can be used with your on-premise systems and your cloud-hosted systems.

Option 2: Push Files to Files.com using the CLI

Alternatively, if you have access to a server containing the files you wish to import, you may prefer to use our Files.com Command Line App (CLI). Our CLI supports our most advanced acceleration technology and always wins hands down in speed tests.

Here is a "push" (upload) example for syncing files from a local folder called Existing-Content to a Files.com folder called Files-Content:

files-cli upload Existing-Content Files-Content --sync

Option 3: Upload files via FTP/SFTP or any other mechanism

You can also manually import your files using FTP, SFTP or any other mechanism supported by Files.com for file uploads.

Importing Users

We recommend using our spreadsheet bulk import to create your users efficiently.

Alternatively, you can provision users through a Single Sign On strategy, using LDAP or SCIM.

Basic Migration Assistance

All Files.com plans include basic migration assistance from our staff. Basic migration assistance consists of having our highly trained staff of customer success engineers can help you learn and configure your systems and integrations based on your use case.

Our customer success teams are available to assist via phone, email, chat and even over a virtual meeting via Zoom.

Full Migration Assistance For Premier Customers

Premier customers may optionally opt to have Files.com actually perform the tasks of initial import of their files and user database.

Full Migration Assistance can be performed by Files.com upon request, it consists of the following services such as; Creating, managing, and monitoring up to two Remote Server Syncs from an existing repository. Performing an initial upload of file content from a ZIP or TAR file of existing file content, delivered any way you can get it to us (web link, mailed disk, etc.). Performing an initial upload of file content from any server we can get access to where we would be able to install and run the Files.com Command Line Interface (CLI) app. And, importing a user list from a spreadsheet or single sign on system using LDAP or SCIM provisioning

Our staff will monitor the status of the sync and user import and advise of any errors or when the import is complete.

Full migration assistance is offered for initial setup of your account and is not a recurring service. You are able to set up additional user or file imports at any time using the above advice and we are happy to provide any necessary help or training as needed.

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