A clickwrap, or clickthrough agreement, is a prompt that offers individuals the opportunity to accept or decline a digitally-mediated policy. For example, a clickwrap can be used to require visitors to accept a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Terms of Service (ToS), or other policy. Visitors to your site must click to agree with your policy prior to accessing your site. Clickwraps can be associated with Share Links, Inboxes, and the user registration process. You can configure multiple clickwraps for use in different areas of your Site.

Adding a new Clickwrap

Only site administrators can create and manage Clickwraps because the primary purpose of clickwraps is to make site visitors aware of official agreements or policies. This is intended to avoid potential misuse or miscommunication by users who do not set policy for your organization.

The Name setting is for your reference, and will appear only in a list of Clickwraps; the Name is never displayed when a person is prompted to agree to the Clickwrap. The Body is for the full text of your policy, and all of the text you enter in the Body will be displayed to people during the prompt. You may use Markdown for text formatting, but HTML tags are not allowed.

The Require new users to acknowledge this document setting is used to support a workflow where users set their own passwords, either because of a user account request, or because a site administrator configured a new user account with the Email signup authentication type.

Making Clickwraps Available To Other Users

Clickwraps created by a site administrator can be used with Inboxes or Share Links. The availability settings for each clickwrap determines how it can be used with Inboxes or Share Links. The settings for Inboxes or Share Links are independent - for example, you can make a certain clickwrap required with every Inbox and never used by any Share Links.

You can mandate that certain Clickwraps always be used with Inboxes and/or Share Links. One reason to do this is to ensure that consistent terms of service are provided to external contacts.

Setting the availability to never available can prevent clickwraps from being used with any Inboxes or Share Links. You might choose this option if you want a Clickwrap to only be used during new user setup. Changing an existing entry to be never available will remove it from places it is no longer allowed to be used; this can be a simple way to clean up inappropriate usages of a clickwrap.

If you wish for other site administrators to use a Clickwrap created by you with an Inbox or Share Link, you can set the availability to Available to Admins for either Inboxes or Share Links.

For Clickwraps that can be optionally used by any user, you can set its availability to Available to All Users. This choice is best suited for clickwraps that your users are familiar with.

Viewing Clickwrap Agreements

When someone visits a Share Link or Inbox, the text of each Clickwrap displayed to them is stored with their registration information. This information is preserved even if the Share Link or Inbox is subsequently associated with a different Clickwrap or the Clickwrap text has been updated since the registration was captured.

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