Creating and Managing Inboxes

Inboxes provide upload access to your site, so there are some built-in controls on who can manage Inboxes.

Required Permissions for Creating and Managing Inboxes

Site administrators and folder admins have the ability to create and manage Inboxes. Folder admins can only manage the Inboxes for folders they have permissions for, while site administrators can manage every Inbox in the site.

Creating an Inbox

When you create a new Inbox, there are 3 values you must supply: a folder, a title and a URL key. The folder for the Inbox must be a folder you have admin rights to, either granted directly to you or because you are a site administrator. The title is a short line of text displayed to Inbox visitors, and the URL key is a URL "slug", allowing only lowercase letters, digits and the hyphen (-) character. This URL key is how the system distinguishes each Inbox link from every other Inbox link in your site, so it must be unique (you cannot have 2 different Inboxes with the URL key "submissions", for instance).

In addition to the 3 required settings for an Inbox, there are a variety of optional settings that apply when the Inbox is accessed through the web or when files are uploaded via email, such as whether you're collecting registration info from web visitors, or which email domains are permitted to deliver attachments.

Cloning an Inbox

Sometimes, you may want several, dozens or even hundreds of separate Inboxes that all use the same folder and very similar configuration. The web interface allows you to "Clone" an existing Inbox and then change the URL key, along with any other settings that might need to change for the cloned entry.

Managing Inboxes

Users with admin rights (including site administrators) can change the settings for existing Inboxes and view any collected registration information, along with the history of Inbox uploads.

Removing Inboxes

Users with admin rights (or site administrators) can revoke, or delete, an Inbox. Deleting an Inbox will immediately disable its URL and its email address (if enabled), but it will not remove any files that were uploaded to the Inbox.

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