Inviting Recipients to Your Inbox

You can use your site to generate emails containing a link to the Inbox for up to 50 email addresses at once. The emailed link will take visitors to the web interface for the inbox.

To invite recipients to share files through email, copy the email address for your Inbox into a message generated in your email client. If you add your inbound email address to the carbon copy (Cc_)_ field in an email message, recipients of that email can reply-all to upload attachments to your Inbox.

Email Invitation Reply-To Addresses

When you send email invitations, the email address of the user who is sending the invitation will be used as the reply-to address for the emails. This is true even if you have customized your SMTP settings with a specific reply-to address for notification emails.

Emailed Invitations Are For Specific Recipients

Invitation emails that are sent to an address are good for only one person. Every email invitation has a unique link to the inbox, even if you're sending invitations to multiple people for the same inbox.

When your recipient clicks on the link in their email, a session is created and saved in the web browser's local storage. The session is tied to that specific web browser and the email address that received the link. If the same link is visited again from that same browser, they will have access to the Inbox.

If the link is later visited in a different browser (either on the same computer or another computer), the inbox will display an error that the invitation has already been used. Each time the site detects this kind of link reuse, it will automatically generate a new email with a new link and re-send it to the original recipient.

A recipient who receives an emailed link sent from your site can use the same link repeatedly from the same browser without invalidating the link.

Share Groups

Share Groups save you time when you need to invite the same groups of people to different Inboxes. You can store up to 50 recipients as a Share Group, with an optional note for easy reference.

You can create new Share Groups at the time of sending email invitations. After you have entered the contact information to send emails, check the box labeled Save as a new Share Group, then enter a name for the group and an optional note. When you click Send email to finish sending your invitations, all of the recipients will be stored as a Share Group.

When you have at least one saved Share Group, the Share via Email tab of an Inbox will show a field for Choose a Share Group. You can search for your share group by typing the name of the group, part of the note, or even an email address of a recipient in that group. Once you select your Share Group, all of the recipients will be added to the contact forms below.

When you select a Share Group and then make changes to the recipients before sending your Share Link invitations, you can check the checkbox Update Share Group to save all of the changes you have made.

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