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Do you want to securely and easily accept files from your website visitors, clients, partners, and vendors? Alternatively, would you like to automatically receive and store attachments from any application capable of sending emails, such as daily reports, invoices, log files, etc.? Files.com supports the acceptance of files via email attachments from both applications and users. Any system, application, or user can send files directly to your folder. For senders, the process is simple – they only need to attach files to an email, and these attachments will be stored within your Inbox or the associated folder. See Inboxes to learn how to generate an inbound email address for your folder or Inbox.

Since everyone uses email as a standard form of communication, and most applications or systems can generate or send emails, there is an unlimited number of use cases that your inbound email address can support.

An insurance provider, law office, or health care clinic can inform clients to submit their claims or any sensitive documents through email (ex: claims@mycompany.com), and then apply a forward rule to forward all emails to Files.com's inbound email address.

Scanners, multi-functional devices, CCTV, x-ray machines or similar devices can email files directly to a folder in your site. Folder Admins can share the received content or even create a workflow or integration with notification services.

If you add your inbound email address to the carbon copy (Cc_)_ field in an email message, recipients of that email can reply-all to upload the attachments to your folder.

You can keep the inbound email address in any email chain to collect the attachments to your folder automatically.

If you want to backup, store or share all attachments in your organization's emails, configure your email server to forward all emails with attachments to the inbound email address. You can also trigger an automation to start a workflow when you receive a file via email.

You can publish an inbound email address on your public website or intranet portal to collect documents from your visitors.

You can configure your CRM, HRMS, ERP, CMS, BI, SCM, marketing automation, or any application capable of sending reports or other files through emails to send emails to your Files.com folder.

The content in the email body will not be uploaded to your inbox, but embedded images in the email body or in email signatures, will be uploaded to the inbox along with the actual email attachments.

Visit Inboxes to learn how to generate an inbound email address for your Inbox.

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