Child Sites provides child sites to customers on a qualifying plan. A child site is an entirely separate site with its own subdomain that can be used like your primary site. The content and settings of each child site is self-contained, but is associated with the primary account.

Child sites, also known as subsites offer a versatile solution for managing distinct departments, subsidiaries, or projects within a larger organizational framework. Here are some examples of how child sites can be used:

Departmental Organization: If your company has multiple departments, each department can have its own child site. This helps to keep their files, settings, branding, and projects separate from the primary site or other child sites within your company. You can organize the child sites in the same way if your company has multiple subsidiaries.

Project Management: Child sites are great for managing projects. You can establish a dedicated child site for every project, allowing project teams to customize their setups, including integrations, automations, security settings, and sharing project-specific files.

Regional Storage or Language: For companies operating across various geographical locations, child sites can also be used to manage storage or language separately for each region. This facilitates convenient and organized management.

Along with the uses mentioned above, child sites can also be used as staging (sandbox) sites. By utilizing child sites as staging sites, you essentially create a controlled environment where you can experiment with various changes and updates before implementing them on the primary site.

Child sites share the user and usage quota of the primary site, meaning that 10 users used by the child site will consume 10 of the paid user seats purchased by the primary site. It's important to note that reselling of child sites is not permitted unless you have a separate reseller agreement with

Creating Child Sites

Child sites can be configured by site admins using the web interface. Type Child sites in the search box at the top of every page and then click the matching result. Scroll down to the the Child sites section.

Any existing child sites associated with your production account will be listed. If your plan does not include complimentary child sites, you can contact our sales team to upgrade to a plan that does.

If your account type allows child sites, you will only be able to create a limited number of child sites. When you've reached the maximum, you can't create a new child site. If you need additional child sites, feel free to get in touch with our support team.

Removing Child Sites

In order to remove a child site, you'll need to contact support to cancel the account associated with your child site.

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