Staging Sites provides staging sites to customers on a qualifying plan. A staging site is an entirely separate site with its own subdomain that can be used for testing potentially destructive operations without impacting your production routines.

Staging sites are not permitted for production use. Staging sites share the user and usage quota of the primary site, meaning that 10 users used by the staging site will consume 10 of the paid user seats purchased by the primary site.

Creating Staging Sites

Staging sites can be configured by site admins using the web interface.

  1. Log into your site as a site admin.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Account.
  3. Locate the Staging sites section of the settings.

Any existing staging sites associated with your production account will be listed. If your plan does not include complimentary staging sites, you can contact our sales team to upgrade to a plan that does.

If your account type allows staging sites, you will only be able to create a limited number of staging sites. When you've reached the maximum, you can't create a new staging site.

Removing Staging Sites

In order to remove a staging site, you'll need to contact support to cancel the account associated with your staging site.

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