Billable Users

We have structured our policies around Users to be customer friendly and make it as easy as possible to manage your User count to stay within any budget constraints that may apply.

We do not consider a user Billable if either of the following things is true, if the user has never logged in OR the user has been marked "Disabled", either via an automated process, via an expiration date, via the API, or manually in the user interface.

This system was designed to allow you to upload user lists in bulk or via Single Sign On, while ensuring that you only pay for users actually deriving value from the service.

You can also Disable a User, preserving their permissions and settings, without having to pay for that user.

Your user count for billing purposes is the highest number of Billable users reached at any point during the Usage Period.

Usage Periods are 30-day long periods that either represent a monthly billing cycle or a portion of an annual term, as defined in the Terms of Service.

Unless you have a signed agreement with us allocating a certain number of Outbound and AS2 Connections and/or On-Premise Agents, each such Outbound or AS2 Connection and On-Premise Agent counts as a Billable User.

If you exceed the amount of user seats purchased, we will process an adjustment one of two ways. For monthly payers, the cost of the additional users will be added as an overage line item on your next monthly invoice. For annual (or longer) payers, an additional "true up" invoice will be generated at the end of the Usage Period to add those users to the balance of your annual subscription. For example, if there were 7 months remaining and you added 10 users, we would send an invoice for 7 [months] * 10 [users] * [user cost].

We try to be customer friendly with regard to billing matters. If there are specific issues with your bill as it relates to users, our billing team will be happy to help.

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