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If your business needs to securely exchange Orders, Invoices, Load Tenders, or any other EDI document with your trading partners, then AS2 is the de-facto standard used around the world.  

Historically, AS2 has been limited to outdated, on-premises systems that require constant maintenance and upgrades. Now, with, you can modernize your AS2 to adopt all the benefits of the cloud. provides an always-on service that elastically scales to meet any workload and keeps automatically updated for you.   

We’re providing your business with more integration options for your important business processes. At, AS2 works seamlessly with all our other features, including: 

  • Shared links for file sharing  
  • Folder sharing  
  • File transfers via SFTP and FTP  
  • Inboxes to receive files from outside parties  
  • Native cloud storage  
  • Integrates with external cloud storage 

Use AS2 in conjunction with your chosen cloud storage provider, whether Amazon, Microsoft, or Google. No matter what integrations you have, you can continue to access your files via web browser, command line, or the desktop app.  

The platform provides endless possibilities for automating and integrating your Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, and Load-Tender-to-Invoice processes so that manual work, including delays and human errors, is reduced. Faster turn-around times for these business processes will also reduce chargebacks, help meet partner SLAs, and improve business flows with your trading partners. as an AS2 Server provides the AS2 data transmission protocol, allowing you to implement secure Business-to-Business (B2B) file transfers with your trading partners that mandate the use of AS2 through a secure cloud-native SaaS platform.  

Remember your business-to-business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, load tenders, and shipment statuses being exchanged with your trading partners that AS2 is designed for transmitting? Now, take those workflows a step further with provides secure AS2 communication using the HTTPS protocol and includes message encryption, digital signatures, message integrity checking, and Non-Repudiation of Receipt via synchronous Message Disposition Notification (MDN) receipts.    

Make the most of all your cloud-based file transfer interactions. Integrate AS2 with other automation and security features that your business relies on, such as automation workflows, GPG, webhooks, remote server mounts, regional cloud storage, notifications, and RESTful APIs.  

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Documentation and Training 

Save time and money while securing your files. Our remote server mount feature lets you extend basic features like security and user management to use with resources like AS2 that you interact with outside our ecosystem. 

Watch our training video on remote server mount and sync to see how you can give your team of users on access to the files you have on AS2. All while continuing to take advantage of the security features and permissions built into your site. 

The ability to push or pull files to or from remote servers such as AS2 makes leveraging services and your workload much more manageable and more secure with remote sync. 

Ready to configure your AS2 integration with We’ve got documentation with everything you need to know. 

Ready to Enable AS2 Integration? 

The platform focuses on providing the means for any type of file transfer with scalability and efficiency. Customer success engineers are available to assist with setting up your connections as well as offering implementation suggestions and recommendations on best practices. 

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