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Share Links is the easiest and most popular way for your users to securely share one or more files, especially when sharing outside the company. With this great self-service tool, you can now ask external parties to send you files using the same Share Link functionality.

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We’re pleased to announce that the Share Links feature, which is relied upon by thousands of organizations for simple and secure file delivery, now supports receiving files from your counterparties.

A Frictionless Uploader? Yeah, We Got That.

Any users on Files.com can now allow visitors to upload files via the Share Link by setting the upload only permission. This means, you can extend the capabilities to counter-parties and even consumers who can send you files without a cumbersome onboarding process. 

Your contacts only need the Share Link to easily, securely and reliably upload files, including very large files. 

Provide One Convenient Place for Sending and Receiving Files.

You don’t want to spend days walking your counterparties through a software installation or configuration process; you just want them to exchange files without hassle. Using a Share Link to allow both uploads and downloads means that your users can provide a single link for both types of transfers. What’s more, you can also embed the link on your customer-facing web site to allow for exchanges with them.

Welcome to Your Virtual Data Room.

When your users need to fully collaborate with external contacts, they can create a Share Link to allow those contacts full access, including uploads, downloads, copying or moving files or even deleting shared items. This means your users can offer secure, functional virtual data rooms without involving your system administrators. 

As always, Share Links support download-only access, or even restricting visitors to previewing documents without the ability to download. The sharing workflows you’ve relied on for years don’t need to change.

Flexibility Doesn’t Mean Compromising.

 While your Share Links support new functionality, you’ll still have the features you love from the Files.com platform: 

  • Customize the address of individual Share Links. 
  • Set limits on the number of times a Share Link can be accessed before it is disabled. 
  • Configure email notifications or webhooks to alert you to changes in your account. 
  • Files.com global acceleration platform means that no matter where your visitors are in the world, they’ll use the fastest connection possible. 
  • Data storage and transfers can be restricted to your region
  • Automatically encrypt or decrypt uploaded files. 
  • Embed your share links into your any web page for a branded experience.  
  • Use Clickwraps to display a custom Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Terms of Service (ToS), or other policy before allowing your visitors access. 

Learn more about choosing allowed actions for your Share Links >>

Companies around the world rely on Files.com Share Links for secure online file sharing. We’ll continue to deliver. Try out our Share Links for: 

  •  An easy way to receive files from your contacts. 
  • An interactive virtual data room. 
  • Secure file sharing with your counterparties. 
  • Web-based file transfer with nothing to install. 

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