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Announcing our new Akamai Linode integration

Files.com integration with Akamai Linode object storage is now available.

Akamai Linode object storage is S3-compatible and provides high-performance, high-availability, durable object storage with zero charge inbound data transfer.

Linode object storage is used for unstructured data that doesn’t change often such as storing backup files, hosting static web sites, storing database dumps, archiving logs, and storing massive data sets. Linode object storage buckets can scale from 250GB to 50TB storage clusters.

You can now leverage Akamai Linode object storage with your Files.com account

Files.com is a robust file transfer, integration and automation platform. You can leverage the great features of Files.com to securely create your file flows, and B2B exchanges, and integrate them with Akamai Linode.

  • Enable industry standard connectivity to your Linode storage buckets using SFTP, FTP and WebDAV, secure file sharing and a web inbox to easily exchange files with both internal and external users and systems
  • Combine Linode storage with other cloud storage services such as Microsoft Azure Blob, Azure Files, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Backblaze, Rackspace, Wasabi and even on-premise storage file systems
  • Integrate Linode buckets with other file sharing platforms to deliver files to, or get files from, platforms such as Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or any SFTP or FTP compatible system
  • Combine your Linode object storage with our automations to move, copy and archive files anywhere across your Files.com ecosystem

Implementing Akamai Linode integration

You can find details of the integration in our Akamai Linode integration documentation.

Akamai Linode now appears as an available option among your Remote Server selections for use with our Remote Server Mount and Remote Server Sync features.


Akamai Linode integration is now available to all our subscribers.

We at Files.com are always looking at ways to improve our features and capabilities. Our new Akamai Linode integration was created based on feedback from our customers and we're looking forward to receiving more suggestions from you.

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