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Do you wish there was a way to send files to others while freezing the contents of the file(s)? Much like email attachments, where you can be certain of the exact file you sent, you can now ensure you send your contact a snapshot of the exact file with Files.com. Introducing Snapshots with Share Links, which provides recipients access to a read-only snapshot of files at the time of sharing.

Share Links are a very popular way for any user in the company to share files with others, including external users like partners, customers, and vendors without having to create accounts of needing to install any software. With Share Links have typically been dynamic, this means when the recipient consumes the files, they would always access the latest and current version of the file. We have just enhanced this capability to allow choosing between sending the Share Link as a Live link (dynamic) or Snapshot (static).

Share from your Files.com account or your device

When creating a new Share Link using Snapshot, you can upload files from your Files.com account, but also upload from your computer directly into your snapshot, bypassing the normal file structure of your site. You can upload by dragging a file into the New Share Link pane, or by using the Upload file and Upload folder buttons on that same screen. Files uploaded into your snapshot will only be stored in that snapshot, and when the Share Link expires, the files will be automatically removed.

Historically, Files.com Share Links provided live, dynamic access to the current versions of the paths you specify; this meant that if you deleted or changed an item that was being shared, your recipients would see that change, or would see that a file was deleted and no longer available. Snapshot Share Links will instead create a read-only copy of the relevant files so that your recipients will access only the version that existed when you created the Share Link, even if the source file is deleted or changed later. These copies are automatically managed by the system and removed when the Share Link is disabled.

Try it now!

Snapshot Share Links are available right now in every Files.com account. To try it out, start creating a Share Link in the usual way. The very first option will let you choose between Live Share Links and Snapshot Share Links.

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