Atomic Uploads treats file uploads as atomic operations. In other words, a file must be uploaded to completely before the file will be shown in file listings and available to work with.

This approach is necessary to ensure that a file is never accessed when in an incomplete state, and that file integrity is maintained with automated processes like webhooks, GPG encryption, Automations, and Remote Server Syncs.

This means that any attempts to access a file before the upload has completed will fail as if the file does not exist. If an existing file is being changed, downloading it during a change will result in the previous, unchanged version of the file being downloaded.

While file upload atomicity will be maintained when using the web interface and's native apps like our Command Line App (CLI), Desktop App for Windows/Mac, Mobile app for iOS/Android, and SDKs for developers, we cannot guarantee the same for file transfers performed using third party apps such as FTP apps. Therefore, we strongly recommend using native apps wherever possible.

The ability to treat uploads as atomic is limited by the storage solution being used to upload into when using the Remote Mount feature. For example, when using FTP or SFTP to connect to a Remote Mount, a network disruption between and the remote system can cause atomic uploads to fail, resulting in a partial or incomplete file being uploaded to the remote system.

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