Previewing Images and Documents

The web interface supports previewing images and documents.

Previewing Office Documents

You can preview Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint without needing to download the files first.

By default, your site will be configured to use the editor for previewing Office documents. A site administrator can choose which type of office document to enable for all Office documents: the editor, Microsoft Office for Web, or disabling entirely.

When integrations for editing Office documents have been disabled, the previews will be generated as PDF files, which can result in some unexpected formatting.

Supported Image File Types

Image preview and image rotation functionality are available for the following image types:

New files types are always being added to our File Preview compatibility list. Check here often to see what has been added.

PDF Preview Limitations offers a built-in PDF viewer for previewing PDF documents. This PDF viewer does not fully support all capabilities of PDFs. Specifically, it does not support fillable forms or embedded PDF documents. Additionally, certain rendering issues may occur with certain PDF files.

Our PDF viewer is built using a 3rd party PDF engine called PDF.js. Due to the 3rd party nature of the viewer, we aren't able to accept bug reports that relate to PDF rendering.

If you need to view fillable form data, or if a PDF isn't previewing perfectly, please download the PDF and view it locally.

With that said, we do have an open improvement request internally tracking customer interest in a more sophisticated PDF engine, and we are considering changing PDF engines in the future. If you have a specific example of a PDF that you use in your business that cannot be viewed in our existing PDF viewer, please send it to us so we can add it to the improvement request we are tracking.

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