Create a Share


Creates a new share link in your site.



Replace with your site address.

Request Body Schema

NameData TypeNotes
access_tokenstringRequired. The session key that identifies which user is authenticated. Either an access token returned by the authenticateUser function, or a a user API Key.
typestring Required. Allowed values are "shared_folder", "receive" and "send".
namestring Required. A human readable description that will be publicly available to visitors.
filePathsarray(string)Required. One or more paths to include in the share link.
Each item should be specified as the complete path (e.g. "My/folder/file.txt" or "My/other/folder")
accessModestringWhat operations can be performed by a web visitor to the share link.
Valid options are: "upload", "download", "download_upload", "download_upload_modify_delete"
passwordstringPassword for visitors to the share link.
expirationdate-timeWhen the share link will be unavailable to visitors. Must be in the future.
emailsarray(string)List of email addresses to be invited to the share.
messagestringText to include in email invitations to recipients.
isPublicbooleanWhen true, the share link will be accessible to any web visitor at its address.
When false, the share link will only be available to recipients who have been emailed a personalized link.
requireEmailbooleanWhether visitors to the share link are required to register before viewing the contents.
hasNotificationbooleanWhether share link notifications should be sent.
notificationEmailsarray(string)List of email addresses to receive share link notifications.
Each email address must be associated with a user account within your site.
Ignored if hasNotification is false.
fileDropCreateFoldersbooleanWhether uploads to the share link should be placed into an automatically created subfolder.

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